Our 5-Step Finance Process

Step 1 – Introduction

During our initial telephone interview we’ll have an open discussion about your circumstances, goals and objectives. A fact find document will be completed to gather all the information required for us to search for the most suitable lending options available to you. During the initial interview your Broker will:

  • Provide a copy of our Credit Guide
  • Compile a Fact Find spreadsheet with you regarding your requirements and financial position
  • Calculate your potential borrowing capacity and funds to complete
  • Outline the process from application through to settlement
  • Advise which loan products may be available to suit your needs
  • Outline potential fees, charges and Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI) if applicable
  • Determine which current state and federal grants may be available
  • Inquire if you are aware of any negative credit information on your credit record *

* Our broker may ask you to apply for a copy of your Veda credit record

Step 2 – Verification

We’ll advise you what documents we need in order to verify the information you have provided. Although the loan application process may differ between lenders, most require similar information & supporting documentation from you. You will be required to collecting copies of relevant supporting documentation and forward to us including:

  • Evidence of your income, expenses, assets and liabilities
  • Completed Fact Find spreadsheet
  • Certified copies of identification

Step 3 – Recommendation

Based on the information we obtain from the interview and Fact Find documentation, your Broker will make a recommendation within a Credit Proposal and Preliminary Assessment. These documents include:

  • Personal/Security Information
  • Product Recommendation
  • Funding Position
  • Disclosure of Remuneration
  • Borrowing capacity
  • Product Description Summary
  • Loan Features & Other Terms
  • Product Comparison

Step 4 – Application

We will professionally prepare your home loan application, together with your supporting documents, submit it to your chosen lender and take care of all the running around for you.  We will liaise with your lender and support you throughout the entire application, approval and settlement process.  Once you have approved the lender, loan product and structure, your Broker will:

  • Provide the appropriate lender application forms
  • Submit your application to the lender
  • Manage the application process and additional lender requirements
  • Confirm loan approval when advised
  • Assist in signing loan documentation
  • Administer the loan process through to settlement

Step 5 – Ongoing support

We will provide an on-going support network that extends well beyond your first experience with us. Once you become a valued customer, we will be available at any time to assist in your ongoing financial management. Once your loan has settled your Broker will:

  • Send you a monthly eNewsletter
  • Provide regular updates on facebook
  • Conduct mid year review of your loan structure

Find the home loan that best suits your needs